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About Our Waste Disposal in Clarington

waste disposal ClaringtonWe have been providing the greater Toronto area, Oshawa area and East of Clarington area with highly efficient waste management and scrap metal recycling services for over 30 years. With the increasing amount of pollution and waste accumulated every day, scrap metal salvage is a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Bring in your scrap metal – your broken-down cars, trucks, fridge, stove, radiators and even barbecues; we will pay you top-dollar. Our facility can recycle almost any kind of scrap metal, including aluminum, steel, iron, brass, copper and more. We also buy computer mother board, CPU, and hard drive etc. If you are not sure what we buy, please feel free to give us a call to inquire. We also provide free Bin services for scrap metal (minimum 5 ton required).

Call Newcastle Salvage today at 905-987-4741 to turn your scrap metal into cash!

Waste disposal Clarington: Our yard also is a licensed waste transferring station; accepts any kind of non-hazardous residential and commercial waste. We are members of Ontario Tire Stewardship and Ontario Electronics Stewardship, where you can disposal your used tires free of charge. We also take your E-waste at no charge. We have over 80 bins in various sizes and provide great Bin services for our customers at competitive rates for both waste and scrap metal.

Call Newcastle Salvage today at 905-987-4741 BIN pick-ups and drop-offs!